What We Believe

As believers and doubters, seekers and sojourners, we accompany each other on our journeys of faith. Holding fast to the notion that “God is still speaking,” we recognize that faith is a dynamic, unfolding, ever-changing relationship with God, and as the church, we help to companion and encourage one another on this exciting journey.

From diverse religious backgrounds and various points of view, we strive to follow the teachings of Jesus, to explore our Christian tradition through intellectual thought and spiritual practices, and to experience the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We recognize and honor that each of us encounters our faith in our own ways and in our own time. Spirit-filled opportunities to worship God through music, prayer, education, social justice activities, small groups, and retreats are just some of the ways we engage our faith.

At LOUCC, we take the Bible seriously, not literally, believing that the Bible contains God’s word made new for each generation. At the same time, we recognize and respect the values of other spiritual traditions and enjoy building both ecumenical and interfaith partnerships.
Faith is not only about what we believe, but also what we do and how we live. Finding the holy in everyday life, entering the pain of others, and seeking to bring about God’s justice and peace in our world through service and social justice is also part of how we believe.

At LOUCC, faith is a dynamic adventure, where each person shares his or her gifts in the ongoing mission to love and serve our God. Our mission statement shares the hopes and goals of our community.

LOUCC Mission Statement

 In Christ, we are called together, as a community of unconditional love, to provide spiritual nourishment, to share God's love through active service within and beyond our church community, and to be responsive to the needs of our ever-changing world.