First Congregational Church of Oswego was founded in 1888 after John C. Tullinger, owner of Oswego township, deeded two lots of land to Rev. George Atkinson, Superintendent of Congregational Missions in Oregon. The first church building was erected in 1891 at the corner of Fourth and D Streets in the First Addition neighborhood.

By 1959 the congregation had outgrown its facilities, and the current church building was erected on Country Club Road. In 1957, with the merger that created the United Church of Christ, the congregation changed its name to Lake Oswego United Church of Christ, Congregational.

 Over the years, Lake Oswego UCC has remained an important institution in the local community, housing the Lake Oswego Transitional Shelter Ministry, hosting many twelve-step groups, promoting responsible land use, and providing a spiritual home to many residents. Lake Oswego UCC looks forward to continuing this legacy in the years ahead.